Jaffe / Wilfovsky / Sapolsky Family Tree

I have been working on our family tree for some time now. Abraham and Lena Jaffe are said to have immigrated from Kiev, Ukraine around 1886.  Although the family left from Kiev, we do not know that anyone was born there and we know that Jews couldn't live there before the 1860s.  We have also found that Frieda (#2 below) and a daughter (not listed) were buried by a Jewish Elizabethgrad society.  This may or may not be relevant.

I can use some help, if you have more information. You can contact me at the bottom of the page if you have information and can help or if you are related.  I have more information regarding descendants too.

The oldest records that I have are:

1 Max Sapolsky c.1820 married Ida Unknown 
.........2 Frieda Sapolsky b. 1845 married Alex (Eliyahu) Wilkovsky (also spelled Philkovsky and Filkovsky)
..................3a.-3g. 7 children passed away in Ukraine or where they lived previously (ages unknown)
..................3h  Eva Wilkovsky b.1863 married around 1880 Louis Hoffman b.1858 and moved to NY abt 1893.  I have much details on their descendants.
..................3i  Lena Wilkovsky b.1866 married around 1882 Abraham Jaffe b.1864 (Son of Joseph Jaffe est.1838) and moved to NY in abt 1886
..........................4 Francis Jaffe b.1893-d.1952 NY married in 1911 Sidney Levy b.1889 NY (Francis, known as Fanny, was an only child)

The name Sapolsky may be misspelled, since it was only taken from a death certificate. The name Wilfovsky may be misspelled to. It has been seen as Philkovsky, Filkofsky and other variations.

The couple named Abraham and Lena Jaffe are not to be confused with another Abraham and Lena Jaffe that also lived in NYC at the same time.  This other Abraham and Lena had several kids including one named Fanny.  Our Lena and Abraham had only one child (which also happens to be named Fanny).  

If you have information and can help, please contact me to help build the tree.

Jeffrey L Levy